Improving weak signal detection on Meteor-Scatter


DaveB wrote:

A number of enthusiasts have noted that you can improve the chance of getting a PI code from marginal meteor scatter signals by replaying a recorded wav file a couple of times.

In particular I have noted that if you replay the same short segment three or four times in quick succession a valid pi code will suddenly pop up.

Our first thought was that RDSSpy had a problem but I having seen the same thing happen lots of time I am sure it is to do with the digital signal processing and that we are actually enhancing the detection capability of RDSSpy. I think that by giving it the same signal a number times in quick succession we are giving the super pi-detector more information to work on.

Could 'admin' comment on this – and are there things we can do enhance this? For example by recording the stream in RDS and playing back the segment with RDS itself.

The number of 'nonsense' pi codes this has produced has been very few.

Many Thanks



admin wrote:

In current implementation of the "Super PI detector" the same PI code must be received several times for getting confirmed and showed (simplified description). Of course, if you play a short sample several times and that sample contains a PI (either real or fake), internal counter for the PI finally reaches the threshold value.
The "Super PI detector" has been optimized on usual reception conditions. Based on your comment, there will be an option added in following version which will allow to adjust the PI counter threshold.


So where did this option go?