To install the plugin, unzip the package and copy the .dll file to the RDS Spy plugin folder.

RDS Rebroadcast 1.03

Allows rebroadcasting of selected RDS groups (for example TMC), either real-time or from a file. Requires PIRA32 or P132 family RDS encoder hardware.



Radiotext Logger 1.03

Logs all radiotexts incl. time information into a file. Automatically creates new file every day for each station. Requires RDS Spy version 0.91 or later.



RDS2 RFT File Receiver 0.99

Receives files and shows station logo. Requires RDS Spy version 1.08 or later.
If you use this plugin with SDR receiver or another 192kHz-sampled source, enable the RDS2 demodulator first (Configure – Select RDS Source – Sound Card – Direct RDS/MPX – Demodulator – RDS2).
RDS encoders with RDS2 and logo support for radio stations are available at