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RDS Spy version 1.02 released

Current RDS Spy version brings independent RDS data logging as an extension of existing report engine. The DX community will probably appreciate that all reports and logs now reflect also output from the Super PI detector.
Sorry it took so long 🙂

The logging feature is described in the pdf manual (application help). The PI change detection has been improved a bit.

RDS Spy version 1.01 released

RDS Spy finally supports RDS decoding from MPX or RDS signal connected directly to the sound card.
Choosing that option the entire connection becomes as simple as on the picture:

The RDS Spy provides complete DSP processing of the input signal, including 57 kHz band-pass filtering, subcarrier synchronization and demodulation via Costas Loop equivalent structure, RDS clock regeneration, biphase symbol decoding and differential decoding of RDS data. Thus the RDS Spy entirely removes a need of any external RDS processing circuit.