Several RDS data sources are provided for live RDS decoding:

  • Serial COM Port – Data and Clock – Data and Clock signals must be converted using a simple circuit. This ensures compatibility with all RS232 ports and USB to RS232 adapters.
  • Sound card – Data and Clock – The Data and Clock signals are fed to your sound card’s recording line input.
  • Sound card – RDS Encoder – For old RDS encoder’s output data analysis. The RDS encoder output is fed to the sound card through a simple half-wave rectifier circuit.
  • Sound card – Direct MPX or RDS input – The RDS or MPX signal is fed directly to the sound card input. The sound card must support 192 kHz sampling rate for recording.
  • ASCII G Protocol – RDS Decoder / FM Analyzer – The measuring equipment (for example P275) is connected either via RS232/USB or Ethernet.
  • ASCII G Protocol – RDS Encoder – RDS encoder with direct output monitoring feature (for example P232U RDS Encoder), connected either via RS232/USB or Ethernet.
  • (No source) – The software provides playback features only. Supported file formats are SPY, WAV, SMP and some others.

For more details download the pdf manual.