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RDS Rebroadcast ASCII G Protocol Out

veso266 wrote:

Hi I was wondering if you could add in RDS Rebroadcast plugin support for ASCII G Protocol (one that your P175 Analyzer is using)
because now it uses Pira32 format of G= something and also doesn't send PI Code in this G= command? (what protocol it this?) because ASCII G is diferent woudl be great

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards
I would realy like to see a way to get RDS data out of RDS Spy in real time if possible and I think using ASCII G Protocol is a good idea to do so

PS: can you tell me more about ASCII G Protocol

what does #13+#10+#13+#10

PS: you think you could release the source for RDS Rebroadcast plugin? do?


admin wrote:

Simple RDS output represented by a stream of RDS groups is a good idea. The RDS Spy is being updated during April, some kind of RDS group output will be implemented.

I think the format of G= has been originally implemented by Audemat Aztec in their FMB10 encoder. The PIRA32 and newer encoders implement it for compatibility, the PI is added internally.

The ASCII G protocol comes from the P75, it is a decoder side so PI is present as well. The #13+#10 is CR+LF.

veso266 wrote:

You think you could tell me what new updates will bring?
as for RDS Out Plugin I think that ASCII G protocol is quite standarized so it would be great to use it (only saw one page describing this protocol: p132com.pdf)
PS: Do you think you could add back PS Decoder plugin? here a video of someone using it: (big black box with big PS letters)

PPS: You think you could add an option to change default pink color to something else (blue for instance)

PPPS: do you think you could release the source for RDS Rebroadcaster plugin?

PPPS: What is Pira RDS Encoders SW written in? (Delphi like RDS Spy?)

PPPPS: Can you tell me of any good RDS TMC Provider app that would supply data in appropriate RDS Group format?

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards