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Realtek Chipset 2832U support? (Noxon DAB-Stick)

Andreas M. wrote:

As described in German Radioforum,925167 there is a USB DAB-Stick (also L-Band) for around 20 EUR or even for free (give-away from different radio stations).

An alternative driver (see,925167,981378#msg-981378) lets it also work for DVB-T and FM (even East Europe!) as the chipset 2832U supports it. The FM Software (see link in posting) handles RDS, but very rudimentary.

Would it be possible for RDSSpy to support also this hardware as an input?

Andreas M. wrote:

In the meanwhile I've found out that there is a possibility for the stick, see

Andreas M. wrote:

A German programmer (Andi_Bayern) has modified an old Software (FMPlayer) for the Noxon and added RDSSpy support:


It now has a connection to RDSSpy through TCP. Works great!