The RDS Spy application development finally results in the first official version 1.00. Until now we register more than 7000 downloads of the version 0.9x. The RDS Spy already has a position in the professional field as well as in worldwide DX community.
What’s new in the version 1.00?

  • New RDS synchronization algorithm brings even better sensitivity for Data and Clock signal input.
    Previous simple synchronization searching for the same PI, which is suitable especially for mcu-based devices, has been replaced by a synchronization continuously searching for the best sequence of offsets. The algorithm holds complete map of offsets calculated for each bit position received in last two seconds.
  • Optimized size of the basic plugin windows.
    On the most common desktop with a resolution of 1366×768 there’s now enough space for all three windows after basic installation.
  • Improved conversion from EBU ASCII to Windows ANSI coding.
    The conversion between extended EBU set and your Windows coding should work correctly for all language variants of the Windows.
  • Support for direct remote monitoring of the new P132 RDS encoder.
  • About 10 of other small improvements.