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RDS Spy compatible 192 kHz sound cards

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Could you just confirm that you HAVE to have a soundcard (192kHz) in order for the direct RDS decoding function. Looking at some posts on forums there is confusion that using VAC gives you a virtual soundcard and you don't need any hardware.

It probably arises because there is no detail in the audio specs published in the manuals that come with the PC. The HD audio specs refers to multiple stereo ADCs. in the case of the ACL889 codec – three and a stereo microphone convertor

In my happy ignorance I've been running one instance of RDSSpy directly decoding from HDSDR via VAC and another instance of RDSSpy decoding the RDS from an analogue tuner feed clock/data into the mic input of the same laptop. Then I cascaded another VAC to give a second VAC line – and fed a third instance of RDSSpy !





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David, you don't need a hardware soundcard if you use VAC (Virtual Audio Cable), of course.
That was the original VAC purpose, to add a new soundcard device to the system. Applications don't recognize between hardware and virtual soundcards. There's a device driver in both cases that ensures visibility and accessibility of the device. Applications communicate with the device driver, not with the hardware directly.
Finally, I feel important to mention that VAC cannot enhance capabilities of hardware soundcard, that means, if you want to decode RDS directly from external mpx tuner, you still need a 192 kHz hardware soundcard.



Thanks for the reply. Just to make it clear – I have integrated HD audio sound on my laptop using the Realtek chipset.

So I have two instances of RDSSpy running simultaneously decoding separate RDS signals through the one soundcard. First instance is using Clock/Data signals into the mic input of the laptop and the second instance is direct mpx decoding with the audio coming from HDSDR via Line 1 (VAC).

I have simulated a total of three instances of direct mpx decoding simultaneously through the integrated soundcard at the same time by generating additional VACs. And still decoding a separate stream through the mic input at the same time. It wouldn't let me add a fourth direct mpx input with a 4th VAC.

Which fits in with what is published with regard to the latest HD Audio codec from Relatek. There are internal inputs [accessible with VAC] and they handle up to 192kHz sampling – but the internal mic input is filtered and cuts off at 48 KHz – even though the sampling rate can be set to 192kHz.

I'm hoping someone with an Elad FDM S2 will try my suggestion to confirm we really do have three independent ADC inputs.


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Peter W.

I can run rdsspy by simply feeding the audio from the "line out of my Sony ICF-S7600GR into my MSi Wind U270 notebook (Realtek HD).

tutorial here




Hi. We have logging systems using FM Tuner Cards that support RDS. Each tuned radio station shows up as a soundcard channel in Windows. What settings would I require to decode the RDS on these channels with RDS Spy? None of the preset methods seemed to work when I tried them.




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Matt: That configuration will not work because these tuner cards provide only Left and Right audio channels at low sampling rate so there is no RDS or its residues. Since I don't know the communication protocol these cards use, I don't have any solution.



Hi guys,

somebody has used AUDIGY FX with RDS Spy?

Many thanks



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It seems the Audigy FX supports only 96 kHz sampling rate for recording. Thus it cannot be used for RDS decoding.

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RDS Spy compatible 192 kHz sound cards

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