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Convert 192 khz audio to COM port

veso266 wrote:

Hi I would like to know is there any way to use RDSDX with SDR
Unfortionaly RDSDX hasn't an option to decode RDS direcly from 192khz soundcard

in SDR Radio I haven't an option to output RDS via COM PORT so I can Only Ootput all 192khz audio an then RDS Spy decode its RDS subcarier but with RDSSDX this isn't posible so is there any way to convert 56khz RDS subcarier to serial COM port so that RDSDX (and some DOS programs like RRDS and RDS.exe) can read?

Thanks for Answer

admin wrote:

Theoretically it can be done by software decoder and virtual COM port driver, practically this is meaningless as probably nobody will write that software. For the DOS software a reliable solution does not exist at all. RDS Spy supports recording of RDS data to a file format readable by the applications you're mentioning.

veso266 wrote:

OK for DOS Software but RDSDX isn't DOS software is realy cool RDS Decoder and PI Code Searcher at the same time it search PI Code instantly when it recieve it so I realy want to use it but because it can't read RDS from live audio I can't used Please Help

admin wrote:

First of all, the RDSDX authors must want it. For example I can imagine a RDS Spy plugin that will send decoded data to RDSDX but the RDSDX must be modified in order to accept that data, by different way than via serial port which becomes obsolete.

veso266 wrote:

I think if RDS Spy will ofer this 2 plugins wiil be great

Instant PI Code searh (that program when it recieve PI Code will tell me what station I listening to and ITU contry code also)

Instant location Searh (that I set my QTH in prefrences and then RDS Spy tells me how many kilometers is radio transmitter from me)

If someone make this 2 plugins then I will be the first that start to use it and I will never use RDSDX again

Thanks for Ansver if is posible

DaveB wrote:

There is a 'small' problem with identifying a station by it's pi code. Pi codes are not unique and the same pi code can be used in many countries and even by different stations in the same country.
Then there can be many transmitters for one station on a single frequency – you only have to look at PI 5201 from Italy on 88.3 for example. As stations with only 40watts can be received 1900km away you can't just choose the highest power station.
FMList is a good source of station info – on the login page you can do a pi code search – enter 5000 to see how many European countries come up with stations – so you would need to send the frequency to the software as well.
FMList allows you to log your stations – you set your QTH latitude longitude – then you get distance and bearing. It has a visual log book – which has the option to display all the logs that people have entered – so you can see what is going on (and see everyone else in Europe have a great time while your radio just hisses at youFrown)


veso266 wrote:

yes I nkow FMlist its great source for DXers but on a login screen you input only a PI Code and it will give a results for you so RDS Spy can do dis automaticly and then you will choose a country and RDS Spy will tell you a station like RDSDX has but in most cases I get only one station on a PI Code C201 or C202 ets.

DaveB wrote:

A very late reply as I don't visit the forum too often. There are three programs that you might like to look at. Station List by Jurgen Bartels, CSVUserListBrowser and RDSLogbook by Andy Pritchard these interface to FMList. The only one I properly tried to use is the RDSLogbook one which looks interesting.

The limitation with RDSSpy (at the moment) is that it can't supply the frequency to do it automatically. I'm hoping someone will do a plug in as I'm using an SDR for FM reception. It isn't a big problem unless you have a massive opening and want to everything really quickly.