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Developing a Plug In to Import the Frequency from an SDR

DaveB wrote:

My mind goes a blank when it comes programming – I know what is wanted. Since an earlier post I've found that most software defined radio programmes have the ability to output data including the frequency.

So what every FM-DXer who has an SDR would like is for RDSSpy to be able to accept a frequency sent by the SDR software. Being so ignorant of programming and API's I don't even know if the Command TUNE shown in the api documentation allows the frequency to be set or just returns the frequency. But as revision 6 allows direct keyboard entry of the frequency I assume that there is no problem with an actual command to do this.

RDSSpy is demonstratably the best RDSdecoder for sensitivity and [at the moment] outperforms the ones built in to SDR and makes the difference between logging a weak station or not.

It would be a milestone improvement if someone can bridge the gap – then with unattended scanning/monitoring we would be 100% sure what frequencies the signals were on. Especially relevent as the popular SDR# programme now as 192kHz audio output and can now drive RDSSpy.

Any help/direction would be appreciated.


admin wrote:

You may tune other equipment from the RDS Spy thru the API. Currently the API does not allow to enter the frequency being received, or I don't know a way how to do it (in the case of 192 kHz sound card source). This function needs to be implemented in the RDS Spy, the method supposed is to call the datxchng.dll function AddValue from the plugin developed by the equipment's manufacturer. (Each equipment type is unique so there's probably no possibility to create a universal plugin for that purpose.)

AddValue('COMMAND', 'FREQUENCY'+#13+'88.6', DBPointer);

Note: the example above does not work in current version 1.02 rev. 6.

Andy M0CYP wrote:

What about a TCP/IP server in RDS Spy which could stream out the RDS data as well as accept input commands like SETFREQ 87.5 or RESET etc?

This would be easier to integrate with rather than trying to make DLL's work across platforms Delphi v C#, VB etc?

What do you think?