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Fast forward option

Jan Vlcinsky wrote:

Hi all

I was really pleased to see, that XML Spy is able to consume even a bit different format of files:

# Opening radio [MB2 - ModulBus v2]…
# Tuning [96.5 MHz FM]
00000000E15A0200;00;60;96.5 MHz;14.12.11 10:23:52
321C014FE15A0057;00;60;96.5 MHz;14.12.11 10:23:52
321C214D20202020;00;60;96.5 MHz;14.12.11 10:23:52
321C214E20202020;00;60;96.5 MHz;14.12.11 10:23:52
321C814849910015;00;60;96.5 MHz;14.12.11 10:23:52
321C814849910015;00;60;96.5 MHz;14.12.11 10:23:52

and replay them. I was searching a bit for an option to pause the replay, and found, I shall use the replay speed glider moved to the left to stop it, this is fine.

I am aware of the fact, that the time, mentioned in the file, is not accepted, instead current one is used.

As my sample of RDS data spans few days, I wanted to jump somewhere forward to see the time, when I knew there are some problems with quality of reception.

However, this option does not exists (or I did not succeed finding it).

My proposal for implementation of jumping into specific time in record is as follows:

  1. open the file, read the total size and from first few lines estimate average lenght of one row
  2. from file size and average length of one row estimate, how long the records could be
  3. (only in file reply mode) show bar, which would allow to set up the position in the file/time
  4. when user changes the position in time, calculate possible position in the file, jump there, read into next new line and continue analysing the RDS data

admin wrote:

Dear colleague, this will be implemented in full range, I understand the reasons well Laugh
I'll contact you via email shortly…