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GoldWave and WaveLab how safe

M3EMB wrote:

Hi Admin and others. In the pages of version v0.96 it is said that one should down load WaveLab or GoldWave the thing is it is saying that this is not a safe thing to do, my this I mean you run part one and that is safe but on the next run it is saying unknown pulisher and that you should not contiue should I down load anyway also I note most sites want to give my PC a spring clean!. I also not that the wording in Vewrsion is much changed fron v.95. Michael

admin wrote:

I'm afraid that on your PC there's some firewall/antivirus/antispyware software running that is set to useless "safe" mode that means that you can probably do nothing on your PC. Unfortunately this forum is not the best place to solve this issue. In my opinion the best you can do is to find somebody who is able to install clean Windows on your PC. Or, if possible, simply ignore all warning messages. But doing this for a longer time one can go mad. Frown

M3EMB wrote:

Hi Admin. You are right it is a bit picky as to what this PC lets in, I think better to be that way than get zapped, i have now found my main problem or one of them and that is as said pre post that I cannot see rdsspy.exe I downloaded all file sections, most cannot be opened up!!!!! and exe is not there, with this open re first stage of your operating pages maybe I can get further with RDS SPY -
so as I said where is it hiding, the previous post was with the help of my wife and she could not see or find it. Mike M3EMB + Wendy.

rdees wrote:

Mike & Wendy

What directory did you put into when you downloaded it?