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Identification of station

veso266 wrote:

Hi could someone develop this 2 plugins:

Instant PI Code searh (that program when it recieve PI Code will tell me what station I listening to and ITU contry code also)

Instant location Searh (that I set my QTH in prefrences and then RDS Spy tells me how many kilometers is radio transmitter from me)

I Think if I can connect RDS Spy to CSVUserlistBrowser
Link to this program here:
This would be great because this program has all FM database in it so if RDS Spy could send PI Code to this program via Virtual Serial Port… this vould be aversone

So if someone could develop a plugin that can connect to CSVUserlistBrowser then you don't need to develop this plugin but if this isn't posible then this two plugins will be velcome

Best Regards and Thanks for Answer