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New version?

MikeF wrote:

Hi Jan,

Do you have any plans for any new features for RDS Spy in the future?


admin wrote:

The author is now working on several other projects and he's very busy so the new version is planned for Q3/2013. Users may suggest improvements. However there's a trend to suppress direct implementation of anything that can be realized through 3rd party plugin. Thus especially comments related to the plugin API are welcome.

Actual requests and ideas for version 1.0 (implementation confirmed):
- snapping the basic decoder plugin window to the main window
- new RDS synchronization algorithm
- smaller group content window (in order to fit to common screen resolution if placed next to the basic decoder)
- improved conversion from EBU ASCII to Windows ANSI coding
- starting recording new spy file automatically if PI changes

Actual requests (unconfirmed):
- all other requests in this forum
- faster operation with large (>100 MB) spy files

(The list above may be updated.)

DaveB wrote:

I really appreciate the work done to provide RDSSpy I now have four Sony tuners outputting to RDSSpy – the laptop has one feeding via the RS232 interface to a USB port through a RS232toUSB dongle and two feeding to the sound card through and audio switch box. The fourth feeds a desktop and will be used for dedicated overnight MS reception.
When RDSSpy can't get a decent signal I leave one tuner set to the signal and move to other frequencies on another tuner. Very often the super detector pulls in a valid code after some time – and meanwhile I can still hunt more DX.