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Problem with RDS decoding

Mati1316 wrote:

Hello I found RCA to Jack Cable but from Canon Camera. It's working but it only decodes PI. PS is decoding on one station (it's not strongest)
May I buy RCA-Jack cable or no?

Edit1 It Decodes full RDS on 100 kHz after station for example station is on 94.6 MHz PI is decoding
94.5 PS and RT is decoding
If I tune on 94.6 BER is 97% and after moment its NO SYNC
My tuner is Sony ST-S311

admin wrote:

If you connect one audio channel as an RDS source, the reception must be switched to MONO. This is the reason why you need to tune 100 kHz up or down – in that case the tuner switches to MONO itself.

In many cases, an improvement can be realized if you connect both audio channels, R to R and L to L. For that case you would need a Y-cable, terminated by one stereo jack and two RCA jacks.