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PS characters other than Roman.

UKDX wrote:

My first post to the forum after some years of using RDS Spy with SDR Sharp so thank you for the software 🙂

Does RDS Spy decode and display characters other than Roman?

Today I received a signal from Israel which was sufficiently strong enough to decode both PI and AF with a BER I could reduce to 70%. During this period the first four – characters of the PS displayed disappeared suggesting RDS Spy had detected something but nothing was displayed. I know it could just be the propagation making a good decode impossible but I've seen and heard much worse signals display one or two characters of PS.


admin wrote:

The PS decoder makes correct conversion between RDS code page and Windows ANSI coding. This ensures showing of correct characters, with only one exception:

Since the RDS Spy currently does not support Unicode, a minor character disruption may occur if you receive foreign station which is using national characters not included in ANSI code page of your Windows.

Anyway, you may look into the Group Analyzer plugin, section Group Content Full, for real character codes used by the station in the PS (group type 0A or 0B). Thus, to decide for the cause of showing spaces in the PS, I would need a sample record file.

Issues with RDS character encoding are discussed in

UKDX wrote:

Hi admin, I've finally captured some reception of what could be non Roman characters, this is from an opening to Morocco and shows the PS code switching between Roman and something that presumably isn't displaying correctly. I've uploaded it as a zipped file to my site.

admin wrote:

Thanks for this post. As you can see in the Group Analyzer, they send continuously a character with ASCII code 255. This character is not defined in the RDS standard. Windows OS shows it as a dot. It is correct.