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Radiotext Logging

Richi wrote:

I would like to log radiotext from radiostation automatically.
The radiotext-logger plugin works, but it log only radiotext,
which is different to the last received radiotext.
In the rdsspy software i see change of the a/b flag, but no new
radiotext in the radiotext-logger-plugin.
Is it possible lo log the radiotext with the Log function of the rdsspy
or is there a configuration for the a7b flag logging?
i have ascii g protocol with a arduino fm receiver

admin wrote:

The Radiotext Logger plugin does not log A/B flag and does not log radiotext if this is the same as the previous. This filtering is an intention. Many stations use incorrect setting of their UECP based RDS encoder which periodically toggles the A/B flag although the text remains the same. Without filtering, this would fill the log by redundant and useless data.