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RDS 1.02 Bug report(s)

DaveB wrote:


I've found a bug (or unexpected functionality) in the latest version.

If you select "Always Confirm frequency" in the Reports Tab – then the frequency if set up in the Log Report returns "frequency not specified". I would not expect any settings in Reports to affect Logs

For info this is my file:

%FREQUENCY%; %rsdate%; %rstime%-%time%; %PI%; %PI.RELEVANCE%; %ECC%; %PS%; %BER%; %PTY.NAME% (%PTY.CODE%); RT A/0 = "%RT.A%"

I've added the ; separator so I can then import the text file into Excel and properly format into columns




admin wrote:

Thank you for your observation, you're right. It has been fixed in actual version 1.02 rev. 2.