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RDS Soy and other RDS software

veso266 wrote:

Hi to all I am using RTL-SDR dongle and RDS Spy software for decoding RDS (I use Virtual Audio Cable to send MPX Signal from HDSDR to RDS Spy Line in)

I think RDS Spy is the best RDS Decoder uvalable but I would like to try some other RDS Software too (but unfortionaly they don't provide decoding RDS from MPX) like RDS Surveyor:

and some DOS Software too (RDS.exe , RRDS.exe (specialy this one it has nice PS GUI), RDSS:

and specialy this one: RDSDX:

but they don't support decoding from MPX they support Serial Com Port only
so I was able to find that in order for this DOS software to work you need to connect CLOCK to pin 8(5), DATA to pin 6(6) and GROUND to pin 5(7) more here:

So can RDS Spy send demonulated RDS Data to CLOCK, DATA and GROUND so I can then just use something like Virtual Serial Port emulator to connect RDS Spy with these DOS and Windows software (I know that Vmware Workstation support serial ports: so there isn't a problem of installing DOS on it and then try the software)

PS: I know that RDS Spy support this CLOCK, DATA and GROUND method too

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards

Andreas M. wrote:

For RDSS encoding via serial port you have to use real DOS, not Windows prompt. AND you will need it on a 2nd PC,, the older the hardware the better (15 years+), but it should not be less than Pentium 100 MHz, otherwise you've drop outs.

Or you patch the exe file (search for Turbo pascal) that it will run on faster machines (Pentium 200 MHz+ or so), but also only in real DOS. Or visit

I recommend to save the RDS data in RDSSpy, optionally rename the file in 8+3 filename, copy it to a 3.5 floppy disk or to a FAT16 partition on your PC and load it there. So you don't need the Serial port and this works even now.

DOS does not support USB sticks and NTFS of course.