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RDS Spy – Windows RDS Decoder and Encoder

veso266 wrote:

Hi I realy like RDS Spy because it can decode RDS from 192 khz sound card but I realy want to see if RDS Spy will be not just RDS Decoder but RDS Encoder (Encode RDS to 192 sound card will be great) also. Is posibble to implement this future?


admin wrote:

This is not planned, I'm sorry. I'm sure that hardware-based RDS encoders available from can do this job at lower acquisition costs compared to 192 kHz sound card, with negligible power consumption compared to a PC, and with 24/7/365 reliability never achievable on Windows. Ok, if you need it for a hobby, I think that some solution already must exist.

veso266 wrote:

Yes it is for hobby and I have 192 khz soundcard and good PC for this so if is posible to do this with some plugin I know that you are in partnership with Pira but you don't need to make both RDS Encoder and Decoder same software you can make RDS Encoder as standalone app and put on some hidden location on your site so that not every people that visit your site will know that its here.

Please I will be realy heppy if you do this.

Best Regards