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M3EMB wrote:

I have downloaded RDS Spy but there is no .exe file included any idea where it is hiding? It is not in plain sight so would be grateful for any help anybody can give me.

admin wrote:

Nobody has stolen the exe file. It is included in the zip, believe or not. I'm afraid it has no sense for you to continue until you uninstall the anti-spyware software from your PC or better reinstall Windows completely. The other issue may be that your Windows are probably set to hide extensions so you can see "rdsspy" only, without ".exe". Extremely stupid Windows feature that is enabled by default!
This forum is not the best place for solving this kind of problem that has no relation to the RDS Spy. I understand you but what you really need is somebody who can visit you and make from your PC usable machine as all others have.

M3EMB wrote:

Sorry to go on about this but it will mean either uninstalling any spyware which is dangerous to say the least or your suggestion that we reinstall widows completely is an absolute non runner. I will ask our local PC man for his advice as to the best way forward. Thanks for your help. In the meantime has anybody else run into this problem and how did they solve it? This is one for your instruction pages I feel to help people cope with this dilemma and to act as a warning for others who cannot see the full set of files in particular rdsspy.exe which of course runs the whole programme, quite peculiar to my mind.