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RDS v1.02

DaveB wrote:

I've been using the new version for a few days now. The single file log is great as I have modified the example file to include the ECC code, the PTY name and code, and the rolling text – and of course PI relevance.

Two MS bursts logged on the first day I was trying out and I wasn't even looking for M-S just testing it out on marginal troposcatter signals.

However the "generate report automatically" option has vanished from the Report tab- and is only available on the Log tab. So MS logging is on the log page only which captures the output of the super-detector.

However I don't think the Report tab is very relevant now as it can all be recorded in the Log tab which can be customised. In fact you select and run the report file from the Log but change the file so it only logs date else it won't append.

I actually just run a slightly modified log report as noted above – not forgetting to include the pi relevance.

I've never before run the reports from the File / Create Report option but one useful modification – if I did – would be to be able to enter the frequency manually from the keyboard eg 935 for 93.5 or 1020 for 102.0 – it's a lot quicker than finding the relevant frequency in the drop-down.

So many thanks for the continued development work.

admin wrote:

Thank you for idea with fast frequency typing, I'll add this in following version.

You are true that the Log function effectively includes also the Report function. The reason why there are both options available is that somebody may want to log all stations automatically but furthermore he may want to create extra reports on some stations of interest. In that case he may use different template for each function without need to change the settings.

Patrick - French Alp wrote:

Hello guys !

In 'Meteor Scatter' mode, log shows date, time, PI PS, but not the frequency.
Is it possible to add it ? (in case my memory fails !!)

How to do this ?

Another beginner question : are there some boxes to tick/untick, or values to modify in order to optimize weak signals PI decoding ?

Thanks a lot,

admin wrote:

The option "Save logs automatically" violates with the request of showing frequency in the log file. This is because the frequency is unknown for the RDS Spy until you select it manually. The Report function can be used for that purpose. If you choose appropriate template file, the Report and Log may look the same.

Andreas M. wrote:

A small wish list for future implementations:

- Log for local PI change (XXXX -> XYXX -> XXXX), currently RDSSpy thinks this is a new programme
- Log for TA (time, duration)

And: PDF-Helpfile should be accessible without downloading the programme …

admin wrote:

Fast frequency typing and PI change exclusion implemented in version 1.02 rev. 6.