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recording of frequency changing according to PI code

Alex wrote:

Do anybody have any solutions for recording frequency changing according to PI code….in general: I would like to record on the computer when radio change from one to another frequency with same PI code (AF)

admin wrote:

It is not possible to reliably detect AF switching from received RDS data. There's usually no specific identification present in the data for each transmitter. In many cases, the RDS data is equivalent over entire network or its part.
Using a bit of reverse engineering, it should be possible to read that information from commercial receiver, for example by snooping data coming to its PLL circuit.
The question is what to do next once you get that data. Its relevancy, repeatability and portability is very poor. Based on the experience, the moments of switching to AF vary with antenna type, receiver type, direction and speed of the movement, actual RDS level settings, actual program being transmitted on adjacent frequency etc.

Andreas M. wrote:

Alex, please switch off AF or use another receiver for recording.

In most cases (in Europe), RadioText, CT and PS (and of course PI) are the same all over the network, only AF and maybe EON are different, in some cases the flag for RT could be A instead of B for the same text line.