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SDR # & RDS SPY – Help required

G8JNJ wrote:


I've setup RDS SPY and SDR # with the MPX Plugin and I can see decoded RDS data being displayed in SDR #

I've used VAC to pipe the MPX audio into RDS Spy using 16bits at 192KHz. The audio sources, destinations, routings and rates are all correct. I have tried both VAC and also VB Audio.

In both cases in RDS Spy's status information page I can see that the audio is being received and the levels are correct.

The RDS data is typically at a level of -40dB and no resync's are being shown.

However no data is being shown or decoded in the RDS Spy main window. It just sits there saying no sync and does nothing 🙁

I'm stuck for any further ideas – suggestions welcome.


Martin – G8JNJ

G8JNJ wrote:

Hi All,

OK I've sorted it out.

I used Goldwave to check the audio from the VAC pipe.

Whilst doing this I had to set the audio rate to 192KHz (although I had previously done this in the mixer).

This seems to force VAC to set the correct rate. Once I started RDS Spy running again it all worked OK.

Very odd.


Martin – G8JNJ

andimik wrote:

BTW: You could use this plugin:

There is no need to install a virtual audio cable, as the connection is done via socket TCP/IP.