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USB Soundcards – Your Experiences

Skywaves wrote:

I wondered about user's experiences with USB soundcards.

I have a dual USB soundcard and, although it worked with RDS Spy, it was poor and gave RDS 'eventually' on only the strongest signals. It only cost a few £££ new so I did not expect miracles.

Has anybody here tried USB soundcards? How were the results?

I am wondering if it is worth investing in a good quality USB card.

John, G1VVP

admin wrote:

The RDS Spy must work with ANY soundcard. That's the object. To reach this I offer to either show you how to make right connection or – if necessary – to improve the application. There's only one detail required WinkYou would have to ship the device to my postal address (or tell the model name and manufacturer, but our local market offer may be different)

Skywaves wrote:

Thanks for the reassurance Admin. I understand.

The soundcard in my main PC is of very high quality and there have been no problems with this. It is the laptops which have had the problem. To keep things simple, I will simply invest in a decent quality USB device. That should surely be successful.